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Predator Pool Cues is renowned for its high- quality cue sticks used in playing billiards. Each is made with a sports grip that holds the player’s hand in place while he is playing. Here are descriptions of several of their makes of stick.

Predator Sport Cue

The BK 2 Break cue has a shaft specially designed to maximize the speed of the ball on being struck, and its power and accuracy are also superior to those of others. These features make this stick especially valuable for the first shot, which is unarguably the most important shot in the game.

Predator Blak 2The Sport cue is very consistent at making straight shots, with a minimum of deflection.

The sticks in the Ikon Series, which are numbered from one to nine, each have a Leather Luxe™ Wrap to cushion the player’s hand and an assembly of three layers to seal out moisture.

There are two sticks in the P3 Series— one with the Leather Luxe Wrap, and one without it. Both are equipped with a phenolic joint and a weight cartridge system (sold separately).

P3 Exotic series consists of the Golden Oak and Leather Curly sticks, each of which can come either with or without the Leather Luxe Wrap. Otherwise, they are identical with the P3 series discussed above.

Blak series has three makes, numbered two thru four, each with a different design at the lower end of the shaft. Like the P3s, they are reinforced with phenolic, which reduces the amount of vibration.

Predator ikonThere have also been several special- occasion Predator pool cues, which will be available in limited numbers. One is the P3 15th anniversary cue (limited edition), of which only 500 are currently available. Its weight cartridge system is made by Uni- Loc, and the anniversary mark is accented with a layer of chrome.

Special Edition was made with a number of exotic woods, including wedge and Thuya burr and bears the signature of Mezz Cues President Kazunori Miki. Only fifty of these will be made.

Quiet Roller is designed “exclusively for the art of the hustle,” as they said on Predator’s website. It has a Uni-Loc® Radial® joint.

Predator P3

“Sneaky Petes” come in four designs— SP4RW, SP4RJ, SP4RJL, SP8RW, SP8RJ, and SP8RJL. They are all made of white bird’s eye maple and South American rosewood. The SPJLW is also available wrapped in Irish linen.

The sticks in the Retired series of Predator pool cues have all been sold out and Predator is no longer manufacturing them— though other dealers may have individual models.


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